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LEAD Awards - The Oscars of Leadership Are Here!

Earn the Recognition your organization deserves with the 2020 LEAD AWARDS! Nominate your internal program(s) into the 38th Annual LEAD Awards for FREE. Past winners have included Fortune 500's, Educational Institutes, Chambers of Commerce, Small Start-ups and everything in between.

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In 9 minutes or less, you can nominate your internally designed leadership development programs for FREE. Click the dropdown menus below.

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Send a 4 question survey to the participants of the program to gather valuable feedback on the impact of the training on your organization.

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Gain exposure as an organization that invests in the growth of their employees and students and attract top level candidates.

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Attend LEAD to celebrate your achievements at our annual award gala and to network with other practitioners who are responsible for the development of their leadership training programs.

LEAD AWARD Categories & Nomination Links

If you are a corporation, church, government body or small business with a leadership development program implemented internally you may nominate below.
  • Best Executive Coaching Program - This award recognizes excellence in Executive Coaching programs.
  • Best Mentoring Program - This award recognizes employers utilizing Mentors in the development of their leaders.
  • Best Innovation in Deployment of Leadership Programs - This award recognizes innovation and creativity within an organization in the in design and execution of a leadership program in the last 18 months.
  • Best Use of Team Building - This award recognizes organizations that have deployed team building training and exercises to advance the level of cohesive leadership across the organization.
  • Best Use of Classroom and Traditional Training - This award recognizes organizations that have used traditional classroom training to build leadership capabilities and drive business results.
  • Best Use of a Learning Management System - This award recognizes organizations that have successfully driven adoption and achieved measurable results from the deployment of their learning management system.
  • Best Customer Service Leadership Training Program - This award recognizes organizations that have built effective leadership training for leaders in customer service, call center, and client-facing roles.
  • Best First Time Manager Program - This award recognizes organizations that do an outstanding job developing successful first time managers.
  • Best Experienced / Senior Leaders Program - This award recognizes organizations that build leadership strength at the top of the organization through the continued development of its existing senior leaders.
  • Best Global / International Leadership Program - This award recognizes leadership programs that have been deployed globally (defined as three or more countries) that have consistently impacted leadership skill on a global scale within a given year.
If you are an educational facility with an HR program or a program in leadership development you are eligible to nominate your program for any of the award categories below.

What our Past Winners Are Saying

LEAD Testamonial

Bennie Covington

Director, Business Growth Initiatives,
Janus Capital Group

"I have to admit, every speaker, the ability to learn from my peers, and to be recognized with some of the greatest programs in the world. 500 outstanding companies globally is outstanding."

LEAD Testamonial

Gail Scripko

Retail Trainer,
Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.

"This experience was outstanding. The level of achievement, the level of education, the passion, the commitment has truly inspired me to be a better trainer and a better L&D person."

LEAD Testamonial

Anita Bhasin

SageWays Consulting

"It's great to be here at the LEAD Awards ceremony and to be recognized with the best of the best. I would really like to thank HR.com."

Past winners Include


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