Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is LEAD2019?
    Here, we'll give you the breakdown.
    LEAD2019 is an international platform designed to inspire every individual to make the world a better place. The 2019 event will encompass two components:
    • 12 workshops and 50+ roundtables on leadership best practices for senior leadership professionals (VPS of HR & CLOs) 
    • The prestigious LEAD awards on the night of March 5th
    LEAD2019 exists to share powerful leadership stories from hand-selected world thought leaders who inspire others to also choose leadership as their destiny.
  • Why do we need a global leadership commitment?
    Leadership is an art and a skill that needs continual practice and improvement. However, the majority of the population never receives formal leadership training. Of those that do, the average age of someone who takes first time leadership training is 42, and 94% of the training learned is forgotten and never applied in everyday life. We are trying to ingrain this into your lifestyle to perform on a daily basis. Access to great thought leaders and high quality leadership education is often expensive and hard to access. The focus of LEAD2019 is to make high quality, engaging thought leaders and their inspirational messages available to the masses efficiently and cost-effectively. Everyone needs the motivation to make a difference and help understanding how they can make leadership a conscious choice.
  • When and where will LEAD2019 take place?
    The live LEAD2019 event will take place March 5 - 8 in Salt Lake City, UT at the Salt Palace Convention Center.
  • Who attends LEAD2019?
    LEAD2019 is not just for HR professionals. Everyone is capable of being a leader!
  • Is there a dress code?
    Please use your judgment. Business casual is acceptable everywhere. Bikinis or gowns, not so much. Of course, this year's LEAD Award's will be formal.
  • Do I need to wear my badge throughout the entire LEAD2019 conference?
    Yes, your conference badge is required for entry into the conference. Please be aware that you will be asked for valid photo identification at registration before receiving a conference badge.
  • What is the common language spoken at LEAD2019?
    The official language of the conference is English, and all keynotes will be presented in English. Translation services will not be provided. If you elect to bring your own translator, please contact the registration support team.
  • What are the registration fees for the event?
    All information regarding registration, including pricing, inclusion and terms can be found on the LEAD website.
  • Is there a deadline for registration?
    No, you can register online through the last day of the conference as long as there is space, however, there are discounts for early registration.
  • What methods of payment do you accept for LEAD2019 registration?
    When registering, you may pay by credit card, PayPal, cheque, invoice or wire transfer. Payment must be received prior to the conference to print a conference badge on-site. 
  • Are guests permitted to attend?
    We only wish this event could be a free-for-all. All conference attendees are required to register in full.
  • Can I get copies of the material presented at the conference?
    Yes. All of the sessions will be available through the Event App and will be reinforced after the event with the Personal Excellence App. In addition, each participant will receive a printed event journal- a little keepsake to remember us by.
  • Who do I call or email for questions?
    If this FAQ isn't thorough enough for you, here is our contact information. For general questions, please email or to talk to a real person (877) 472-6648 x139


  • How many people attended the conference last year?
    Last year there were 250 people at the event.
  • How many people will be at the Salt Lake City Event?
    At last year's planning session we elected to keep the Salt Lake City event very exclusive and high end. By doing so, we've made scoring a ticket to this event very difficult if you haven't got any rank and pull (our CEO likes fine red wine, however). Choosing a destination such as the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City means we have limited capacity.
  • Are accommodations included with a ticket to the LEAD2019 Ticket?
    No, your ticket does not include accommodation, but we can guarantee that beauty sleep will be required. We suggest booking hotels in Salt Lake City close to the venue - Salt Palace Convention Center, 100 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 USA.
  • How will tickets be delivered to me?
    Let's face it, snail mail is dead. All ticketing will be completed online through our event registration website and you can print your tickets/confirmation from home. Simply check in at the registration desk and get your swag.
  • Are the tickets refundable?
    No, sorry. Space in Salt Lake City is limited to only pre-approved guests. This isn't a cattle call, so unless we can pull someone from the waiting list, you are responsible for the full meal deal.
  • Is there reserved seating?
    Maybe, but probably not. We are looking at some celebrity dinners for your VIP's but have yet to work out the details. Check back often!
  • Will there be food and beverages? And what if I have special dietary needs?
    Do you prefer to photograph your food or eat it? Is the bread basket worth the carbs? One glass of wine versus four? These are all questions you will have to think about at LEAD2019, considering there will be copious amounts of food (included). But of course you should tell us of any special meal requirements when you register - there will be a spot for this, so please don't fret.
  • What is included in my registration fee?
    Your registration fee for a Full Conference Pass entitles you to the following:
    • Welcome Reception
    • General/Keynote Sessions
    • HR Specific Workshops
    • LEAD Awards Celebration Dinner/Ceremony
    • Meals and beverages provided by LEAD2019
  • What is the address of the Salt Palace Convention Center?
    100 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, USA
  • Should I bring my laptop, camera, audio recorder or camcorder?
    Yes. We'll have wireless at the conference, and lots of power, and you can record and film to your heart's content (no flash photography during the sessions, please). Fortunately, everything that happens in Salt Lake City does not stay in Salt Lake City.
  • Is the Salt Palace Convention Center ADA compliant?
    Yes, their intention is to provide all reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities to assist them in attending events held at the hotel.
  • Where do I pick up my badge?
    We will have a LEAD2019 registration desk that you won't be able to miss. There you will see a combination of the most gorgeous, and handsome faces you've ever laid eyes on (us). We will gladly give you your badge during the registration hours.
  • Do I need to give a credit card to reserve my hotel room?
    Yes, a credit card will be needed to confirm your reservation.


  • Coming Soon

LEAD Awards

  • Are winners picked on the number of people who respond?
    You are encouraged to get as much feedback as possible. We recognize that each program and organization is unique in terms of size and number of clients. That will be considered upon review. We suggest ensuring at least 20 feedback responses are completed.
  • Will we find out the winners before the live event?
    No, you won't find out who the winners are until the live event but you will find out if you are in the top 10 after the voting period ends on December 10th.